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The Nigeria entertainment industry's Growth

  The Nigeria entertainment industry has witnessed remarkable improvement and growth in recent years, establishing itself as one of the most vibrant and influential industries in Africa. From music and film to fashion and comedy, various sectors within the Nigerian entertainment industry have experienced significant advancements, contributing to its overall success and global recognition. One notable area of improvement is the Nigerian music industry. Nigerian musicians have gained international acclaim, reaching audiences around the world with their unique sound and talent. Artists such as Burna Boy, Davido, Wizkid, and Tiwa Savage have successfully collaborated with renowned international musicians and have won prestigious awards, including the Grammy Awards. This recognition has not only elevated the status of Nigerian music globally but has also attracted investments and collaborations from international record labels and producers. In addition to music, the Nigerian film industry,

Police allegedly ran over a man with their car

 A story which recently happened in ekpoma Edo state,identifies a young man which goes by the name success who was allegedly ran over by a police officer. According to eye witness the man's car was stopped for not having a plate number,the police arrested him and insisted on checking his phone which he refused. The police decided on driving off and leaving him handcuffed which prompted him laying in front of their car after which the police officer ran over him with their car.He is currently in the hospital. Here is a video of him being ran over